9 - 17 May, Split Croatia

Dear sailors, coaches and friends,
as a host of the Finn European Championship 2015, we have a need to thank you all for been here for last 10 days. We hope you enjoyed to ba a part of this sailing event and you liked racing here in Split and we are shure you had a good time. We want to to congratulate again to all winners, as well as to all other competitors, and we wish you a safe trip home. 

How was it this past 10 days, you can read in our News, races were followed trough our RaceOnline and Twitter, and every morning a small "newspaper" "Finn buletin" was printed each morning so here it is and you can read it in pdf.

Goodby all until some other time !
YC Labud


As you have seen on our race online, Ivan Kljakovic Gaspic took the title of the Finn European Champion 2015. Medal race was very interesting, but most interesting was battle between Kljakovic and Josh Junior, and at the end, local guy from Split Kljakovic Gaspic had better performance and manage to finish 4th,

Well, here we are on the last day of Finn European Championship 2015 here in Split. We are sure you are all familiar with results and all position possibilities for medals, and for sure, its gone be maybe most interesting between Ivan Kljakovic Gaspic and Josh Junior. Medal race is scheduled for 13:00h and after it is finished, final race should start.



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