9 - 17 May, Split Croatia

Dear sailors, coaches and friends,
as a host of the Finn European Championship 2015, we have a need to thank you all for been here for last 10 days. We hope you enjoyed to ba a part of this sailing event and you liked racing here in Split and we are shure you had a good time. We want to to congratulate again to all winners, as well as to all other competitors, and we wish you a safe trip home. 

How was it this past 10 days, you can read in our News, races were followed trough our RaceOnline and Twitter, and every morning a small "newspaper" "Finn buletin" was printed each morning so here it is and you can read it in pdf.

Goodby all until some other time !
YC Labud

11.05.2015. - No. 1

13.05.2015. - No. 2

14.05.2015. - No. 3

15.05.2015. - No. 4

16.05.2015. - No. 5

17.05.2015. - No. 6

18.05.2015. - No. 7



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